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Macken Murphy is a GRS-funded researcher pursuing a PhD at the University of Melbourne. His public works on evolution have been praised by BBC Wildlife, the CBC, Booklist, Apple, the Press Association, and The New York Times, among others. Macken spoke for his class at BU's 2020 commencement, where he graduated magna cum laude as a Trustee Scholar from Kilachand Honors College, and completed an MSc at Oxford, graduating with a distinction. He received an RI Civic Leadership Award for his volunteer work and a Segal Award for his service in the Americorps. Before academia, Macken was an amateur boxer, winning a New England championship by first-round TKO, and competing in the Golden Gloves twice.

Macken Murphy in Oxford

" Macken Murphy is able to condense vast chunks of information into engaging and digestible episodes."

—The New York Times





Species is a podcast about animals, including humans. It is one of the most popular science podcasts in the world, with listeners in over 150 countries and endorsements from The New York Times, the BBC, the CBC, and Apple, among others. It is one of the only shows in the top 0.5% of podcasts that is funded entirely by the generosity of donors; no paywalls, no advertisements. Thank you so much for your support.

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Human Evolution is an audio course that tells the human story in all its wonder. Published in 2021, it ranked among Listenable's most popular courses from publication. Listen and learn all about our lack of body hair, opposable thumbs, bipedalism, and our big brains. Now sold on an honor system; pay as you can.



Animal Sidekicks is a children's book about symbiosis, available in bookstores across the US and UK. Written with an accessible, humorous tone and full of fun facts, it received praise from Booklist and was named Children's Book of the Week by The Herald. A perfect gift for children who love animals.



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